Online-Kurs: Globale ArbeitnehmerInnenrechte kostenlos 6 Wochen ab 01.06.2015 (1 Betrachter)

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"Online-Kurs: Globale ArbeitnehmerInnenrechte

(2.4.2015). Ab 1. Juni bietet die Global Labour University einen kostenlosen, sechswöchigen Online-Kurs zu ArbeitnehmerInnenrechten in der globalen Wirtschaft an. Nicht nur die Rechte werden erläutert, es werden Instrumente und Strategien vermittelt, um sie umzusetzen. Die TeilnehmerInnen erhalten einen Überblick über Theorie und Praxis von Arbeitnehmerrechten weltweit.
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"Veröffentlicht am 16.03.2015

The Global Labour University launches a free Massive Open Online Course on Workers’ Rights in a Global Economy

We are happy to announce the launch of a free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Workers’ Rights in a Global Economy which has been jointly developed by the partner universities of the Global Labour Universities, the International Labour Organisation and labour experts from around the world.

Starting on 1 June 2015, the six weeks online course will discuss what Global Workers’ Rights are and which instruments and strategies can be used to implement them. Based on a careful mix of video lectures, readings, online resources and interviews with activists and labour scholars from around the world, participants will gain both knowledge and practical skills for furthering workers’ rights worldwide.

Participation in the online course is free in the Audit Track: it gives you full access to all course material, to the course community and entitles you to a Statement of Participation after successfully completing the course.

Those seeking a formal recognition as a certified training can choose the Certificate Track: for 49 Euros it allows you to earn a verified certificate and a certificate supplement after passing an online-proctored exam on the course content.
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